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About Helena

A few interesting facts about me....

  • Hugo my grandfather played hockey for England, he was a bit eccentric and was known for his bright green suits.

  • Micheal my  Dad was a builder and designer after being in the Army, but he really wanted to be a poet and a writer. He loved the Ballet and Opera.

  • Geroganna my mother owned a restaurant in Bristol - she was an amazing cook, and loved flower arranging.

  • Both my parents practised the spiritual exercise latihan and were both involved in the organisation of Subud Britain/

  • Subud is an abbreviation of Sulie Bhudhai Dhrama - the right way of living 

  • I went to Redland school for girls, my dyslexia was undiagnosed.

  • As a family we went on many Subud gathering  and spiritual retreats in the UK and Europe.

  • My mother was often organising the catering of these events.

  • I started cooking on retreats when I was 15.

  • When my father died, I needed a gap year. I went to Ecuador and worked as a Nursery Assistant.

  • I ran my first retreat at 17.

  • I studied Art and Ceramics at Bath College.

  • At 20 I moved to Tokyo for 3 years to teach kids English and sell Antiques. 

  • At 25 I trained as an Aerobic instructor and personal fitness trainer.

  • Got married and had Daniel.

  • At 29 I was introduced to Yoga and Ayurveda by Pete Cohen at Chapel Rock Spa.


The light in me honours the light in you.



  • INLPTA Neuro Linguistic Program Practitioner

  • Yoga Vimoska India YTT200

  • Adiyogpeeth Kundalini Yoga & MeditationYTT200

  • Yoga Body Breath Coach YTT15

  • Oxygen Advantage® Functional Breathing Instructor

  • Santosha Children and Teen Yoga YTT60

  • Santosha Meditation & Mindfulness YTT30

  • RSA Exercise to Music

  • La Fit Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Sport massage


  • Bristol Nutritional Healing Foundation

  • Les Mills Ballet Barre

  • Happiness Life Coaching

  • Therapeutic Art Life Coaching

  • Ayurveda for Healthy Life

  • E.F.T Practitioner


"The place where light and dark begin to touch is where miracles arise"

- Robert A Johnson

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