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Slim From Within
Well-being & Weight Loss Coaching with Helena

Are you ready  positive changes to your body, how you eat and your lifestyle.?

Everybody has a unique weight loss journey, coaching with me is a truly  bespoke personal experience, to get you the results you desire.

I help you to feel motivated and supported by finding the right eating plan for you.  A tailor made programme designed by understanding your unique mind body eco energy system, known as your Ayurvedic Dosha.

You will discover how to  enhance your gut health, digestion and metabolism, speeding up your weight loss success.

We will balance your  hormones, blood sugar and insulin levels, which in turn gets rid of food cravings and improves energy.

Teaching you  self care  techniques, tools and rituals to help you navigate the everyday challenges  of modern living, empowering you to feel more in harmony with yourself and your life.

My approach is holistic we care and nourish the mind and the body. Creating a strong positive  motivated mindset, encouraging  healthy lifestyle which will release fat and reveal your  slim fit self.

Choose from one of my packages below or let me create a bespoke package for you.

 1:1 Weekly Slim form Within Coaching

Nutritional Healing Cook classes

6 Week Holistic Fitness & Slim From Within Plan

4 Week Introduction To Ayurveda 

3 -5 - 7- Day Detox Mind and Body Programme 

I have drawn wisdom from Wayne Dyer, Depax Chopra, Louise Hay, Tara Brach, Abraham Hicks, Dr David Frawley, Dr Mark Hayman to name a few.

I qualified as a  Fitness Instructor and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (N.L.P) more than 25 years ago.  

Since then, I have also trained in  Yoga and Mediation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT),  Nutritional Healing and Ayurveda.

Like many coaches and teachers, my own healing journey has been deep.

  I believe we learn to coach by healing ourselves first, leading to a happy, healthy life with positive relationship to our bodies and food.

"Pick a path that lights you up, the one that you know deep down is the right choice. Stop listening to doubt. Start connecting with courage.

Lean into determination, lean into the real you" Yung Pueblo

Book a free 20-minute discovery call with Helena

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How It Works

Our sessions take place either online, or if appropriate, in-person and last for one hour.

These sessions are designed to be fully flexible to fit in with your schedule.

Whether you are looking for a one-off session to discuss a particular need or you want to work with me on a regular basis, I am committed to helping you get the results you desire by working together and giving you consistency and accountability.

What my clients are saying....

Helena is not only a life coach and a yoga teacher, she's a role model. She inspired me to change my life and my health for the best.


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