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Slimming & Fitness Coaching

Slim From Within

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What would your life be like....

If you were slimmer, fitter and healthier?


Weight loss coaching with me is an empowering and truly personal experience, with holistic solutions for your mind & body.

Slim From Within

My signature programme, designed for women like you, to make lifestyle changes. 


Integration of Nutritional Healing, N.L.P Psychotherapy, Ayurveda, E.F.T & Fitness.





Explore with me...

* Your unique Bio-energy type.

* Foods to speed up weight loss.

* Optimise nervous system, blood sugar, hormones.

* Self care to enhance wellbeing.

* Digestion, metabolism and gut health.


1:1 Coaching

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  • Bespoke coaching 

  • Personalised videos and audio downloads

  • Customised lifestyle & fitness programs 

  • Self care and stress management

  • Tailor made plan for your  Bio-energy type

  • Slim From Within Work book and recipes 

8 Week Slim From Within Plan

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Wk 1- Kick Start your weight loss & motivation

Wk 2- Boost your digestion & gut health

Wk 3- Navigating emotional eating & self sabotage

Wk 4- Train your mind to eat slim

Wk 5- Super charge your self & slim savvy secrets

Wk 6- Transforming your relationship with food

Wk 7- Charka clearing & balancing

WK 8- Integration & Empowerment

2 - 3 Day Detox

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  • Preparation and education session

  • Choice of detox food plans with recipes 

  • Wellbeing rituals to cleanse the mind & body

  • Customised personal meditation download 

  • Personalised Yoga & Breathwork video

  • Bespoke, vision board, workbook & journal

Cooking Classes

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  • Cooking lessons in your own home

  • Alkaline & Ayurvedic nutritional healing recipes

  • Videos, work books and recipe print outs

  • Cooking classes for groups

  • Holistic dinner party catering

4 Week Introduction to Ayurveda

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  • Wk 1- Discover your Dosha mind-body type

  • Wk 2- Learn about Prakruti and Vikruti

  • Wk 3- Balance your mood with self care 

  • Wk 4- Enhance your Agni to boost energy 

Slim From Within coaching is not for everyone, it's designed for women who are ready to invest in their health.

Holistic women committing to wellbeing & being slimmer.


Start your journey today!

Book a free 20-minute discovery call with Helena

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