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Helena Rachel Hilltout

Life Vision Coach*Fitness*Yoga


 Hello & Welcome!

I am Helena  Rachel Hilltout


Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher

Holistic Personal Trainer

Workshop Facilitator


I help busy successful women like you,

 gain coherence 

and clarity on what you want.

Design and achieve your vision of success in all

8 dimensions of your life.

LIFE VISION coaching is a step -by - step process for envisioning, planning and achieving your best life.

Through out  our time together you will unearth hidden beliefs and subconscious patterns that are holding you back from shining your light, being your fullest potential and your most authentic joyful self.

We will dive deep into the core of your identity and desires, as you gain clarity on what you truly want.

  Getting clear on 'WHY' you want it and the steps you are going to take to get there.


 A combination of  lifestyle design tools,

behavioural change techniques and wisdom from

over 15 years of coaching,

I will help you to create a clear vision of your path ahead, with coherence in all 8 key life areas.


Are you ready to change?

Are you wanting to step into a happier more joyful life?

Are you ready to up your game?

Why take the Journey with me?

Lets explore your personal character traits and develop the ones you need and like.

Its an invitation to connect and explore your Souls Journey.

Learn about your personal Ayurvedic mind -body type.

How to balance your energy, charkas and Doshas.

Understand more of your Dharma.

Getting crystal clear on your vision, purpose and passions.

I support you to create more connection, meaning, abundance, positive momentum and joy.

Creating  coherence, clarity and confidence.

Inspiring you to new horizons.

Holistic personalised lifestyle advise to

create a life you LOVE!

Most women only focus on nurturing and improving their family, relationships, career and health, but in reality there are many areas that shape your happiness, success and true fulfilment.

Ask yourself ...

Would you feel better about yourself and your life?....

If you had more emotional and physical energy?

If you had a clearer dream, vision and direction?

If you felt more empowered and motivated?

If you understood yourself better?

If you we shining your authentic light?

If you were living  more of your Dharma?

If the answer is YES ....Book a discovery call

with me TODAY to design your best life!

"Helena has the ability to help people see
life issues and transcend into
a much lighter place"
Daisy Dyer


Get in touch today!


Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, U.K

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