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Walking to Yoga class

Helena Hatha Yoga


Joyful & fun, a mood lifting experience!

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Yoga releases tension from the mind and the body, helping you cope better in a busy world.

I teach a flowing Hatha yoga

with music, designed to stretch and nourish the whole body. 

My classes are enjoyable and informative, built on more than 500 hours teacher training and 6 years of teaching.

I also offer bespoke group or 1:1 Yoga sessions at my well-being studio or at a location of your choosing.

Mon 5.00pm Gentle Yoga

Come to my studio for  an intermit class,

where we will move through breathing exercises & gentle restorative poses before ending the class with a meditative relaxation.

Location: Battledown, Cheltenham 

Well-being Studio

Fee: £12

Thu 9.15am Flow Yoga

Join with me at my well-being studio for a well rounded yoga practice.  Starting slowly with mindful breathing, moving through your body to warm, stretch and strengthen.

Variations are offered so you can practice at your own level. We end in a luxurious relaxation.

Location: 6 Ways Yoga Studio, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham

Fee: £12 / FREE taster session

Fri 6.00pm Grounded Yoga

Time to unwind after a busy week.  This class is all about embracing softness, to relax mind and body.  Nurturing movement with an awareness of how the breath facilitates easing and creates space in the body.  Yoga Nidra is the perfect way to start the weekend.

Location: 6 Ways Yoga Studio, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham

Fee: £12 / FREE taster session

Sat 11am Studio Yoga

Join me in this warm and welcoming class designed to guide you through the fundamentals of yoga with an introduction and revisiting of yoga poses including alignment tips.

Location: 6 Ways Yoga Studio, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham

Fee: £12 / FREE taster session

Well-being and Safety Notice

Yoga practice brings enormous health benefits, but carries some risks that cannot be entirely eliminated. It’s important to listen to your own body and do what feels right for you.

*If you are attending class for the first time, please arrive early and let Helena know of any existing medical conditions, previous or existing injuries.

*If you are pregnant or postpartum  please inform Helena in advance.

*Do not try to attempt postures outside your comfort zone.

*If you are concerned about any existing medical condition and the effects of yoga, please consult your GP.

*Please do not attend class while under the influence of alcohol.

Participation in yoga class is entirely at your own risk. Helena will endeavour to maintain a safe space throughout class but she cannot be held responsible for any injury or harm you may sustain whilst undertaking classes.

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